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Coronavirus (COVID-19) – The Nightmare Becomes Reality

I would never have imagined to talk in this blog about a subject so different and completely off topic from what I’m usually used to writing. But in this time of great uncertainty and confusion I could not avoid the issue of the Coronavirus emergency.

A virus that seems to have come out of the fervent imagination of some Hollywood screenwriter with the mania for the apocalypse or the extinction of mankind.
A virus that initially did not scare us because we thought it was far away and could never reach our country. Then, when the first cases arrived in our cities, we even underestimated it and naively pretended that there was no imminent danger to our health.

Now that the coronavirus has turned into a worldwide pandemic, it is really scary… indeed we are terrified of it. And suddenly, unwittingly, we find ourselves protagonists of one of those disaster movies that until a couple of months ago we watched, even if with a little skepticism, sitting quietly on our sofa.

It seems impossible not to find similarities with the plot of the film Contagion (Watch the trailer here) directed by Steven Soderbergh or with the most recent Pandemic (trailer here) starring Rachel Nichols. But what impressed me most was above all Contagion which in an almost surreal way anticipated what is happening today because of this damned coronavirus.

And when reality surpasses any cinematographic fantasy, suddenly we all become vulnerable and fragile, aware that in life nothing is forever and that without a vaccine nobody can be immune from any infection.
So if the premonition of the tagline (Don’t talk to anyone. Don’t touch anyone.) of the film Contagion has not frightened us before, today at least it makes us reflect and understand how serious the situation of the coronavirus infection is becoming.

I don’t want to be pessimistic but if in this difficult moment we don’t understand or pretend not to understand how important it is to stay at home or stay in quarantine we could pay the negligence or indifference of a single individual on our skin. As is unfortunately happening in my country where people still don’t seem to understand the seriousness of this infectious disease. But fueled by their own selfishness they continue to stroll around the city, despite the state of quarantine, as if the coronavirus was not a real problem, but only a fairy tale invented by some mad scientist.

I just want to remind you that, for better or for worse, we have all been involved in this unprecedented serious situation and if we want to get out of it as soon as possible we must each take on our own responsibilities and above all respect all those rules that the government provides us.

Home insulation at the moment may be the best effective inhibitor against this coronavirus and although it may seem terrible to stay indoors for many days it is a sacrifice that we must all face together, otherwise the normal life of before will become only a distant memory.
Staying at home does not mean feeling deprived of our freedom, but it means having a minimum of respect for all the COVID-19 victims and especially for those people and doctors who fight hard every single day against this virus.

Unfortunately coronavirus is radically changing our habits and the life we knew seems to be over. To survive without a cure or a vaccine we should learn to progress but in a world where cynicism and money are the masters united by an inability to respect even the smallest of rules seems to slow down this evolution.
I hope that when we are ready to change our moral and social norms it is not too late because in the direction in which we are going the future seems increasingly uncertain.

The future that I would like is very far from what we are currently experiencing, and if not even a world overwhelmed by a pandemic is able to open our eyes or slow down our constant desire to escape and transgress, then it means that we really want to hurt ourselves with our own hands.

Coronavirus – When The Nightmare Becomes Reality


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