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Goodbye Bud Spencer – Unforgettable good giant of cinema

Carlo Pedersoli left us on 27 June 2016 at the age of 86 years, better known with the pseudonym of Bud Spencer. Unforgettable face of Italian cinema especially for movies filmed in couple with his friend Mario Girotti, better known as Terence Hill.

To give the sad news was the son Giuseppe Pedersoli “Dad flew away peacefully at 06:15 p.m. has not suffered, he had us all beside him and his last word was: Thank you”.

Bud Spencer was born on 31 October 1929 in the historical rione of Santa Lucia in Naples, by Rosa Facchetti and Alessandro Pedersoli.

An acting career began almost by accident. At 38 years he made his first starring movies Dio perdona…Io no! (English title: God Forgives…I Don’t! – 1967). Film that sees Carlo Pedersoli for the first time to work in tandem with Mario Girotti.
Future and inseparable partner with whom he will shoot 18 other movies.

For this movie the two actors are advised to change their names because they were considered too Italians for a Western movie and especially to impress the international cinema market.
Carlo chooses a combination of the actor who he greatly admires Spencer Tracy and his favorite beer brand Budweiser.

Thus was born the stage name of Bud Spencer.

While Mario Girotti becomes Terence Hill, stage name that he chooses from a list of twenty fictional names.

Bud Spencer & Terence Hill in Lo chiamavano Trinità...(They Call Me Trinity - 1970)

Bud Spencer & Terence Hill in Lo chiamavano Trinità…(They Call Me Trinity – 1970)

The big international success arrived in the 1970s when Bud, together with the inseparable Terence Hill, shoot the spaghetti-western comedy film entitled Lo chiamavano Trinità… (English title: They Call Me Trinity… ).

Film considered by fans of the genre both comedy that western, became a real classic of Italian cinema.

The consecration that will bring Bud and Terence at the level of international stars come a year later, in 1971, with the sequel …continuavano a chiamarlo Trinità (English title: Trinity Is Still My Name ).
It has become the movie with the biggest gain in the history of Italian cinema.

We all remember him for his unforgettable movies full of fist fights, ironies and humor, but the good giant Bud Spencer was also a great sportsman. As he said: “Sport has given me more than cinema“.
Irony of fate but also always the truth, despite the enormous notoriety Bud has been largely ignored by the film critics, and are very few the awards he has received.

While in sports Carlo Pedersoli entered history on September 19, 1950 for being the first Italian to swim the 100 meter freestyle under one minute (59″50).
His sports career started at the end of the 40s. In 1952 he is convened by the Italian national team for compete in the Olympics in Helsinki, finishing fifth during the qualifying in the 100 meter freestyle.
Later in 1956 he takes part in the Olympic Games in Melbourne, finishing the games with a respectable eleventh place.

Carlo Pedersoli at just 27 years decided to leave the sport that gave him so much satisfaction.
In his sports career he won seven Italian titles plus other three in the junior category and was also four time national champion in the relay.
In addition he was the center forward of the national water polo team.
And in 1956 he won the Italian championship with the S.S. Lazio Swimming.

With a physical size of 1.94 meters for 120 kilos he has done almost everything. Besides the swimming Carlo has also practiced rugby with the team of the college, with which he became national champion.
And he has even played a few boxing match in the heavyweight category.

Carlo Pedersoli - Bud Spencer - Boxer

We will miss the figure of that bearded big man, with friendly look that made us so much smile with his movies.
Which marked our childhood and our generation with his sympathy.
Who accompanied us with his unforgettable fists threw on the on-duty bullies.

And even if the void he has left is immense, his memory will live with us forever.

Goodbye Bud Spencer! You will always be in our thoughts and in our hearts.

Goodbye Bud Spencer (1929-2016) – Unforgettable good giant of cinema.


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