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Indie Music – 6 amazing artists to follow

In the past year I had the pleasure to know through twitter few indie music artists that have very impressed me with their talent, their music and especially with their extraordinary voices.
Their names probably aren’t so famous, but their music certainly will reach your hearts.

The talented artists to follow, that I want to present here on Music TV Zone are:

Alyse Black

Indie music artist Alyse Black

Alyse Black is a singer-songwriter from Seattle (Washington). Her musical style can be described as indie pop with jazz influences accompanied by a very touching soulful voice.

The albums released by Alyse during her singing career are:
the debut album Too Much & Too Lovely  (2007), Hold Onto This  (2009), The Honesty EP  (2011), A Little Line of Kisses  (2012) and the new You Belong To Me  (2015).

Artist website: .

Alyssa Jacey

Indie music artist Alyssa Jacey

Alyssa Jacey is a professional dancer/choreographer and singer-songwriter born and raised in San Diego (California). Her musical style can be described as a fusion of folk rock, pop and soul.

The albums released by Alyssa are:
Turning Points EP (2009), Here’s to Change  (2010), On the Spot  (2012), Destined  (2014) and the new Heart Breathe EP (2015).

Artist website: .

Katey Laurel

Indie music artist Katey Laurel

Katey Laurel with personal thank to Music TV Zone

Katey Laurel is a singer-songwriter from Denver (Colorado). Her musical style is the folk/pop accompanied by an unmistakable voice always very sweet and emotional.

The albums released by Katey are:
Upstairs Downstairs  (2008), From Here  (2011), Periscope  (2014) and the new Christmas record entitled This is Christmas (2016).

Artist website: .

Kat McDowell

Indie music artist Kat McDowell - photo by Eric Micotto

Kat McDowell is a singer-songwriter born in Tokyo (Japan) and raised in New Zealand, but that currently resides in Los Angeles (California). Her musical style is very unique, defined as ocean/pop in which Kat combines melodies of acoustic guitar with lyrics emotionally transparent, sung in a mix of Japanese and English, accompanied by her inseparable smile.

The albums released by Kat McDowell are:
Kat EP (2007), Stop (2008), Journey to the heart  (2009), Echoes over the ocean (2009), Hope in you EP  (2012) and Rise Above (2014).

Artist website: .


Rebecca Perl

Indie music artist Rebecca Perl

Rebecca Perl is a singer-songwriter born and raised in Long Island (New York) who currently resides in Austin (Texas). Her music style falls within the acoustic/light rock genre, with a blues twang.

The albums released by Rebecca are:
Rebecca Perl EP  (2012), Rendezvous  (2013) and the new Point Of No Return  (2015).

Artist website: .

Robyn Cage

Indie music artist Robyn Cage

Robyn Cage is a singer-songwriter and actress born and raised in Salt Lake City (Utah). Her musical style is alternative/pop characterized by a mystical musicality with antique pianos accompanied by a very expressive and sensually emotional voice.

The albums released by Robyn are:
the debut album Raining Sideways EP  (2011) released under the name Robyn Kemp, Tales of a Thief EP  (2014) and the new Born In The Desert (2015).

Artist website: .

Indie Music – 6 amazing artists to follow


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