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Amy Winehouse – A Tremendously Fragile Noble Soul

Amy Winehouse was one of the most extraordinary and complete artists that our generation remembers. Her voice was powerful but at the same time unique and incredibly sensual. With her songs she dominated the scenes and captured our hearts with her unmistakable tone of voice.

With her second studio album Back to Black released in 2006, she obtained the consecration of diva winning 5 Grammy Awards.

Amy Winehouse was a brilliant talent but her noble soul was too fragile. And this fragility combined with the notoriety and the obsessive attention from the media have made her fragile and insecure, making her become actually a victim of something bigger than herself.

Her dreams transported and manipulated by a harmful relationship full of excesses have turned into demons that have dragged her into the oblivion of addiction and depression. An addiction that left her alone at the mercy of her pain and her weaknesses.

But today, seven years after her untimely death on July 23, 2011, we want to remember her for what she really was, a unique and inimitable artist of its kind.

Goodbye Amy, we will never forget you!


Amy Winehouse.

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