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Remembering a diva – The Incredible Amy Jade Winehouse (1983-2011)

When we talk about Amy Jade Winehouse we immediately think to her turbulent private life full of excess and extravagance, leaving out sometimes the most important thing that Amy was and will forever be a unique and inimitable artist in her genre.

Amy Winehouse arrives at the highline ballroom

A smiling and radiant Amy Jade Winehouse.

It’s been four years since Amy is no longer there, but the void she has left in all of us is still too large to be bridged.

Frank (2003)

We known the English singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse in 2003 when she released her debut album Frank , and it was love at first sight.
We were speechless facing a voice so powerful and profound, especially listening to the singles Stronger Than Me , In My Bed and Take the Box .
Although Amy was not very enthusiastic about her first album, we really liked it and listening Frank today we realize that Amy Winehouse has always had something special.

Back to Black (2006)

Amy Winehouse - Back to Black

The intense and penetrating gaze of Amy Jade Winehouse.

The consecration as a diva arrives, without any doubt, on October, 27 2006 with the release of the second studio album Back to Black by Island Records.

The album that blew us away for his frankness, that impressed us with its deep sweetness and that made us feel bad with the poignant and unforgettable Rehab , with the distressing Back to Black and especially with the heartbreaking Love is a Losing Game .

Memorable songs that allowed her, on February 10, 2008, to win 5 Grammy Awards at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards that took place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Amy Jade Winehouse has influenced many artists

Nina Zilli

The Italian Nina Zilli one of many artists inspired by Amy Winehouse

Amy was so unique and original that many artists such as Adele, Rebecca Ferguson, Duffy, Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga, Lily Allen and the Italian Nina Zilli, just to name a few, were inspired both by her tone of voice so special that by her inimitable style a bit retro that has always distinguished her.

The price of Fame

Amy like many celebrities had everything, she had the talent, she had the fame, she had the money and above all she had huge attention from the media who did not give her a moment of respite and judged all the time for everything she did. All these attentions probably have made her fragile and insecure making her actually a victim of something bigger than herself.

We don’t know how all this has impacted on her happiness and on her lifestyle and above all we will never know when the dreams of this British girl have turned into demons leaving the place to self-destruction of the success. A dark and cursed world that devours the fragile victims as Amy dragging them into the oblivion of addiction and depression.

We only know that Amy is another burned star too quickly that we regret forever.

The Documentary Film

Amy Winehouse photographed by Hedi Slimane

Amy Winehouse photographed by Hedi Slimane

Probably when we’ll look at the documentary film (Amy ) directed by British filmmaker Asif Kapadia, we will feel a sense of melancholy and sadness. That almost certainly will intensify again that pain felt in that damn July 23, 2011, and never faded because Amy Winehouse we still lack a lot.

We miss her extraordinary voice from the unmistakable tone. We miss her songs so honest and brilliant. We miss her intense and penetrating gaze. We miss her because we will have wanted to see her sing with our Quinn Archer, for sure together they would created something memorable.

Goodbye Amy, you’ll always be in our hearts!!


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