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2 Amazing Indie Music Artists – Katey Laurel and Robyn Cage

If you have followed even just by accident this my website you will know very well who are Katey Laurel and Robyn Cage.

For all those that don’t know who I’m talking about, I can tell you that Katey Laurel is a singer-songwriter and model from Colorado whose musical style is folk/pop.

Robyn Cage instead is a singer-songwriter, pianist and actress from Utah and her music genre is alternative/pop.
They are both independent music artists.

You will wonder: “So what? Do you know how many singers and independent artists are out there?”

Indeed! I know very well how much can be ruthless, fierce and competitive the music world. And I can also tell you that all of us wishing might try to become a singer, but at the end only few will have the determination and the talent necessary to realize the dream of making music.

Katey Laurel and Robyn Cage are two very different singers-songwriters, but one thing joins them, both have that talent, that determination and that simplicity which distinguishes them from all the other artists.
Passion for the music can be seen sparkle in their eyes and above all we can be heard through their songs.

For an artist be independent above all means feel free to express himself/herself. Stay honest as an artist. But also be free to realize, experiment and create music not as a commercial product, but as a simple message or as an artwork.

Katey Laurel and Robyn Cage have always written songs that manage to strike deep in the soul of the listeners. Their songs can be raw, a bit darker, sometimes mysterious and less “commercial”. But in the end their lyrics are and will always honest and heart touching because their biggest inspiration is the truth. Their talent is the ability to transform lived experiences, emotional stories and any other story in a lyrics full of deep feelings, that make us feel emotions with that simplicity that only a true artist is capable of transmitting.

Currently both are working on a new album.
Katey Laurel has announced that it will be an EP of 6 songs titled Daydream, whose tracks were recorded and produced by Warren Huart at the Spitfire Studio in Los Angeles. All six songs explore the theme of the relationship…with ourselves, with love and trust, with the world, with reality, with the music industry and the changes that occur over time in relationships.
The extended play should be released around September 2017, barring unforeseen circumstances.

Regarding the new album by Robyn Cage I don’t have much information about it. I can only tell you that it will be titled Slow The Devil and the songs talk about demons, dreams and duality. They treat the darkness and the light and especially the unity and division. Unity which according to Robyn doesn’t mean that we should all be the same, but for her it’s a way to celebrate diversity. Her latest album (Born In The Desert ) was self-expression and loving what makes her different. Instead, this new record will be about loving what makes others different.

And even if to the ears of someone their music can be quite “common”, no one can deny the great potential and above all the extraordinary talent in each of these two incredible artists.

Their songs have reached me from another continent. Their sweet and unmistakable voices have traveled more than 9,000 km and I don’t think it was just by chance.
I rather think that somehow the fate wanted to introduce me Katey Laurel and Robyn Cage knowing that I would have loved their music.

Otherwise, I don’t think I could write this post today.

2 Amazing Indie Music Artists – Katey Laurel and Robyn Cage.


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