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This is amazing! Quinn Archer live

The August 30, 2015 Quinn Archer has given to us Quinniacs what we always dreamed, see one of her live performance and even if that dream came true thanks to the Internet for a day we were all together online as a great little family.
Quinn Archer Live on YouTube

The Quinn Archer live performance has been nothing short of awesome and the emotions are not missed, especially for Kiera who was speechless after she received birthday wishes live from Quinn.

Quinn is so always manages to surprise us in some way. But probably the strongest emotion was felt when Quinn has dedicated to us Quinniacs the song Dark Places .

Watch the video to review the dedication of Quinn to her Quinniacs

After the live streaming our enthusiasm has moved on Twitter where we left our impressions and comments to our dear Quinn.

Listen Quinn singing live is definitely an experience to be repeated, she makes you feel so proud to be a Quinniacs.

Thank you so much Quinn Archer!!

This is amazing! Quinn Archer live


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