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Carolyn is the Quinniac of the Month July 2015

QMI want to inaugurate this new “Quinniac of the Month” category to celebrate the Quinniacs big fans of Quinn Archer .

In fact, every month there will be an article dedicated to you and your awesome support for Quinn, this month I have chosen Carolyn (@ocean363 ) because I was very impressed by her Follow Friday dedicated to Quinn. Well done Carolyn!!

On this page you will find all or almost all of her Friday tweets to Quinn. I hope you will find time to read them because these special mentions addressed to our dear Quinn are not only amazing but especially they are written with the heart.

Carolyn also participated in the Kickstarter campaign that allowed to Quinn to realize the music video for Dark Places.

Above one of many awards of the Kickstarter campaign

Under Quinn Archer and Team-QA praise their Quinniacs

And this great support has enabled her to meet Rachel Nichols and the cast of Continuum.

The certificate

To make official the nomination of Quinniac of the month I made this certificate of recognition that you Carolyn can save and print.

Carolyn Quinniac of the month (July 2015)

Carolyn Quinniac of the month (July 2015)

Carolyn’s Friday Tweets

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