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Charmaine is the Quinniac of the Month September 2015


Charmaine is the Quinniac of the month September 2015, although those who know her most likely will say that had to be her to inaugurate this category.

And they will probably reason because Charmaine is undoubtedly the queen of the Quinniacs.
In fact, she together with his friend Richard gave life to the first great Fan account dedicated to Quinn called “Quinn Archer Music “.

I can tell you with all sincerity that if today you are reading this article is for her merit, in fact she was the one to contact me on Twitter and introduce me Quinn and her extraordinary music.
Thank you so much Charmaine!!

Charmaine is the first “Quinniac of the month” to have met in person on two occassions our Quinn Archer and it’s really amazing if you consider that she comes from the land of kangaroos.

I could write many others pages on the incredible support that Charmaine has for Quinn, but I would risk to bore everyone.
However, if today you have known or know Quinn Archer great merit will be of her and her great commitment, so the next time you hear “Dark Places ” or any other Quinn’s song take a moment to thank her.

In the bottom of the article you can find the Follow Friday by Charmaine dedicated to Quinn Archer they are not many then head to read them.

To Charmaine I just want to say that those who really know you love you and appreciate you for who you are. So please don’t listen to what other people say or write, they don’t deserve your attention.

The certificate

Certificate of recognition that makes official the nomination of Quinniac of the month for Charmaine.

Certificate-of-Recognition Charmaine

Charmaine Quinniac of the month (September 2015)

The Poll

As always from next month you will decide who will be the “Quinniac of the month” by participating to the poll that you can find below. Select the name that you prefer between the 4 available or send the username (Ex. @UserName) of your favorite Quinniac.

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Charmaine’s Friday Tweets

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