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Richard is the Quinniac of the Month August 2015

In the poll of the last month I asked you to vote for your favorite “Quinniacs” and you have chosen Richard. QM So Richard (@Piech42) is the Quinniac of the Month August 2015, a title more than deserved given his huge support for our Quinn Archer. I hope not to offend anyone by saying that Richard is certainly the Quinniac for excellence, in fact him with her friend Charmaine gave life to the first great Fan account dedicated to Quinn called “Quinn Archer Music“.

And if today we know or have known Quinn Archer is merit of the great commitment of these two guys. Which was also emphasized by the same Quinn with a special thanks that we can find in the Dark Places [EP] album.

Above Rich discovers the message after receiving Dark Places

Under Quinn thanks the guys for their support

Even the Follow Friday of Richard are amazing, always original and above all written with the heart. After the article you will find the Friday tweets by Richard all to read.

But before you take the advice of Charmaine here below.

also participated in the Kickstarter campaign that allowed Quinn Archer to realize the video for Dark Places.

And this his enormous contributions has enabled him to visit the set of Continuum and to meet some members of the cast and especially the extraordinary and gracious Rachel Nichols.

I don’t think I made you my compliments for having met Rachel, so I want to take advantage of this situation to congratulate you for having realized one of my biggest dreams.
Well done Richard !!

The certificate

To make official the nomination of Quinniac of the month I made this certificate of recognition that you Richard can save and print.


Richard Quinniac of the month (August 2015)

Richard’s Friday Tweets

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