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Robyn Cage – Annabelle’s Dance [Lyrics]

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Annabelle’s Dance è una canzone della cantautrice e pianista Americana indipendente Robyn Cage ed è la sesta traccia del suo primo album in studio Born in the Desert (©2015 Robyn Cage Music) rilasciato il 2 ottobre 2015.

Il brano è disponibile anche in versione digitale su iTunes e Amazon .

Annabelle’s Dance

Swinging brown curls
Taffeta swirls
It’s Annabelle’s Dance

Tiny pink toes
A turned up nose
Stars in her hands

She’s tossing her stars up into the sky
Sparkling promises light up the night
She watches them gleam- each one a dream
Of who she will grow up to be

Long gangly arms
Teenage charm
It’s Annabelle’s Dance

Spinning around
Feet kiss the ground
She’s dreaming of wild romance

She still sees the stars but sometimes they go dark
She’s turning and learning life can be hard
She isn’t so sure of herself anymore
The stars aren’t as bright as before

Pouting red lips
Spiraling hips
It’s Annabelle’s Dance

Flailing about
Twirling with doubts
No-one understands

The stars are falling out of the sky
She’s losing her light and she doesn’t know why
She’s still just a child in her mind’s eye
Whirling and writhing and dancing through life

Swinging brown curls
Taffeta swirls
It’s Annabelle’s Dance

ANNABELLE’S DANCE Written by Robyn Cage e Amanda Johnson.

Sito web dell’artista: .

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