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Kat McDowell – 3.11 [Lyrics]

3.11 è una canzone della cantante e cantautrice Giapponese Kat McDowell ed è la seconda traccia dell’extended play Hope in You – EP  (©2012 SilverTree) rilasciato il 20 giugno 2012.

Il brano è disponibile in versione digitale su iTunes e Amazon .

Kat McDowell - Hope in You EP (Album Cover) - 3.11

Hope in You EP (Album Cover)

Hope in you – EP (2012)

  • Time
  • 3.11
  • Treasure
  • Everywhere I go
  • Not Alone


3.11 was the day
The ocean took my house away
Dust in the air, The sound of smoke.
Taste of fear, sea gulls cry.

I found your photo in the mud
You had the same old cheeky grin
The blurry scenes run down my cheek
The silent cries, so deafening

Oh Lord, please tell me
I know that you’re out there won’t you comfort me?

So many lives
So many Questions
So many rivers of tears run to the ocean
What is my life?
Why am I here?
I’m on the search to find it now
till my final breath

The chaos stumbled in to night
A mother looking for her child
The images come flooding in
Can’t make it stop, can’t take it back

The stars that glitter up the sky
I’ve never seen them shine this way
Our darkest night, we lost our light,
But you were there, you never left…

Oh Lord, please show me
How to heal the scars and the hearts suffering

Another life
Another reason
Another hope for us…
Another season
What is my life?
Why am I here?
I’m on the search to find it now
It’s not over yet

It’s not over yet
It’s not over yet

3.11 (©2012 SilverTree) Scritta da Kat McDowell.

Fonte del testo .

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